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10 Tips to Stay Smart This Summer

Staying Smart Over the Summer: How to Have Fun Staying Smart

Checking out of school shouldn’t mean checking out from learning altogether. Learning doesn’t have to be boring – there are a variety of ways to incorporate learning into your summer schedule. The key is structure and dedication – this summer, have your children set aside a few hours a week for some learning time and it’ll help keep your child smart over the summer!

Here are some ideas on How Your Kids Can Stay on Top this Summer:

  1. Turn your Vacation into an Adventure – Heading out of town this summer? Encourage your children to help plan the trip by researching the history behind the sights, brush up on math by converting currency, or research and recreate local recipes.
  2. Train the Brain – Crosswords, Word Scrambles, Sudoku…brain games are a great way for your children to stay mentally fit. You can find age appropriate brain games, printables and worksheets online.
  3. Pen a Masterpiece – Encourage your children to let their imaginations flow! Guide them as they create characters, settings and a plot. Help them develop their ideas into a play or a novel. Make a date for them to present the final product to family and friends.
  4. Start a Book Club – Some of this summer’s most anticipated movies started off as books. Pick up Rowling’s Harry Potter, Meyer’s Eclipse or even Cleary’s Ramona – form a book club or discussion group and help your children get to know the stories behind the big screen productions.
  5. Bring out your Inner Mad Scientist – Try out some cool science experiments (search keywords: “science experiments at home”) with everyday household products such as vinegar, oil and water. Can you really cook an egg on the sidewalk? How about turning a liquid into a solid with the flick of your finger? Stick a needle in a balloon without popping it? Be sure to keep a log of all the experiments, and the science behind these great experiments.
  6. Create a Scavenger Hunt – Spend some time researching a local point of interest such as the zoo, a historical landmark, or even a grocery store, and put together a scavenger hunt! Come up with some clever clues or a treasure map to teach your children problem solving and navigation skills.
  7. Go Green – Plant a garden and watch it grow. Enjoy the fruits of your labor – literally – with fresh herbs, a summer salad or a bouquet of wild flowers.
  8. Enter the Blogosphere – Is your child passionate about something? Do they want to shout it out for the whole world to hear? Here’s their chance: start a blog! Your child could write reviews about movies, books or their favorite skate park…or all three! You can build your own blog for free at wordpress.com and blogger.com.
  9. Get a Job – ok, not exactly. Summer is a great time to seek out job shadowing, mentoring or interning opportunities. Let your child learn what it really means to work!
  10. Pay it Forward – Volunteer! Have your child become a Reading Buddy at your local library or take the family pet to an elderly care facility – your child can make a difference by becoming a positive influence in someone else’s life.

The possibilities are endless this summer. Take advantage of the break from school to help your children apply what they have learned in school. With a little structure and a lot of creative freedom, your child will enjoy a productive summer.

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