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Our mission is to make learning fun and technology-forward.

ExclusiveTutors.com bridges the knowledge gap by bringing fun, educational brain games to you at home, at school and on the go. Use our educational Apps and other resources to keep your student engaged, entertained and educated!

ExclusiveTutors.com, is based in San Diego, California. Feel free to reach us Toll Free: 1-866-707-9696.

About our Journal Jar App:

There are many benefits to writing a journal, including practicing fine motor skills, nurturing self expression and developing creative writing. But keeping a diary can sometimes be tedious for young ones who may not be properly motivated to commit their thoughts to paper. Put an end to Writers’ Block and get your student writing with our Journal Jar App! At home, in the classroom, or on the go, the Journal Jar gets creative writing juices flowing with fun, creative and whimsical journal topics for kids of all ages!

Presented as an App compatible with your mobile device, students enjoy shaking, spinning or tapping the Journal Jar to see what topic pops up.

Don’t feel like writing? No problem! Use the Journal Jar as a “table topics” type conversation prompt – a great way to pass the time on that long road trip!

Get the Journal Jar today and get writing today!


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