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Free Educational App: Journal Topics and Writing Prompts

Journal Jar App – Ideas, Questions, Topics and Prompts for Journal Writing

App: Journal Jar

Subject: Journal Topics, Creative Writing, English, Composition, Literature, Language Arts

Level: Elementary School (Grades 1 to 5)

Cost: Free

Platforms: Smartphones (Apple iPhone, Android, etc.), Mobile Devices (iPad, iPod Touch, etc.) and Desktops

Start Writing!: Click here to access the Journal Jar App for free

Description: Journal Jar is designed to challenge your student to think critically, creatively and honestly with a variety of questions that will inspire and amuse. Use the Journal Jar App to provide thought-provoking questions in the classroom, at home or on the go. With over 150 journal prompts, there’s something for everyone.

What will you write about today? Let your imagination run wild!

Easy to Use: The Journal Jar App is fun and easy to use! Shake, Spin or Press to find an exciting, new topic:

  1. Shake – Shake your device and a new topic will pop up
  2. Spin – Open the Journal Jar, spin the wheel and see which topic you land on
  3. Press – Press the “Shake” button and a new topic will pop up

VIDEO: See Journal Jar App in Action – How To Get Journal Topic Ideas

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