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Hands-On Learning – Museum Month 2011

Museum Month 2011 – Hands-On Learning at a Discount Price It’s time to get out of the classroom and into a Museum! February is Museum Month in San Diego! It’s your chance to discover the treasures that await you at the various San Diego museums for half off the regular price of admission! Museum Month […]


Brain Game #10: Unscramble Science Words – The Five Senses Printable

Unscramble Words: The Five Senses Subject: Science Grade Level: Grade One Instructions: Unscramble the following Science words related to The Five Senses Printable Version: Click on the following link to download a printable version (with answer-key) of the brain game – Unscramble Science Words: The Five Senses


Brain Game #8: The Five Senses Science Crossword Puzzle Printable

Crossword Puzzle: The Five Senses Subject: Science Grade Level: Kindergarten, Grade 1 CLUES: Fill in the blanks with the answers based on the five senses listed below. Across: 1. My senses send messages to my: _______ 5. The black dot in the center of my eye is called the: _______ 6. I use my tongue […]


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