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Brain Game #10: Unscramble Science Words – The Five Senses Printable

Unscramble Words: The Five Senses Subject: Science Grade Level: Grade One Instructions: Unscramble the following Science words related to The Five Senses Printable Version: Click on the following link to download a printable version (with answer-key) of the brain game – Unscramble Science Words: The Five Senses


Brain Game #9: Vocabulary Booster

Time for some Mental Exercise Try out this mental exercise to boost your brain capacity for storing and recalling words. Use this word scramble game to enhance your language and cognitive skills.


Brain Game #6: Vowel Patterns

This beginner level Word Scramble puzzle reviews vowel patterns commonly taught in Grade One. With this puzzle your child can enhance his/her vocabulary and word spelling skills. Objective: Learn how to read and spell word vowel patterns. Enhance lateral problem solving. Improve fine motor skills. Word vowel patterns covered in this puzzle include: -a -ay […]


Game #3: Add and Spell – One to Ten

The Add and Spell Games combine two subjects in one game! Your child will learn basic math skills (adding up to 10) and spelling (number sight words “one” to “ten”) in this word scramble game. This beginner level game reviews facts and sight words commonly introduced in Kindergarten and Grade One.


Game #2: Vowel Patterns

Enhance your child’s vocabulary with this free Word Scramble Game. This beginner level word game reviews vowel patterns commonly taught in Grade One. Objective: (1) Learn how to read and write word vowel patterns;(2) Enhance lateral problem solving;(3) Improve fine motor skill.


Educational Game: Phonics -at Family Word Scramble

Play this free educational phonics word scramble game with your budding reader.
This game will help: introduce the -at family of words; promote lateral problem solving; hone fine motor skills by using the mouse to point and click
Grade Level: Preschool, Kindergarten


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